Published On: Mon, Sep 9th, 2013

Real Greek? The Glenti!


Recently a whole crop of restaurants have popped up, seemingly in every corner, all over Schwabach. I’ve tried to think about why this is but I have yet to come to any conclusion about it. At any rate, as citizens of this city Peter and I felt obligated to go around and test all these new restaurants. Summer, and absolute lack of desire to stand around in a hot kitchen, seemed the perfect motivation for pursuing such culinary adventures.

‘They Don’t Serve Gyros Here’

The first on our list is the ‘Glenti’ which is owned and operated by the same man who does the cooking, Nikolaus Konkoravas. The Glenti is located in a small place on the corner of Zöllnertorstraße and the Südliche Mauerstraße, what was previously the Los Banditos (a Mexican) and a Balkan restaurant even further back. It’s an old, stone building with a charming bar inside, room for about 50 and a garden area outside with seating for approximately 30. The weather was good so we decided on a table out back. Once seated, we started looking for a menu which turned out to be a small folder with 6 dishes in it. None of them were gyros! There was also no Tzaziki and no Platon Platte. As a matter of fact, nearly all of the dishes that we were used to seeing in a Greek restaurant in Germany were missing. We were unsure about what to order but stayed anyways. Peter ended up ordering the lamb cutlets with potatoes and I had the lamb Bifteki in lemon sauce with rice. Starters of grilled garlic toasts were brought to the table first followed by a light, mixed green salad. When the lamb arrived it was fresh, tender and light. The lemon sauce was a perfect complement to it, as was the rice.

After a round of complimentary digestives (not ouzo) the chef himself came around with small desserts and to ask about the meal. We expressed our admiration and asked about the interesting concept of the restaurant. Isn’t it a bit daring to open a Greek restaurant that doesn’t serve the “traditional” dishes? No, he said, because that was in fact what he was doing. His idea is to offer seasonal dishes prepared in the authentic Greek way; the way that you would eat it if you were in a restaurant in Greece (not the ones that cater to tourists). This falls into our definition of a daring food concept but one we hope will take off. In the meantime, before it gets discovered and we have to make reservations a week in advance – we’ll be back for more.

Thumbs up -over all food taste, presentation and ambiance.


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Positives They Don’t Serve Gyros Here! Thumbs up - over all food taste, presentation and ambiance.
Negatives There is some room for improvments with the decoration.
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