Real Greek? The Glenti!

Recently a whole crop of restaurants have popped up, seemingly in every corner, all over Schwabach. I’ve tried to think about why this is but I have yet to come to any conclusion about it. At any rate, as citizens of this city Peter and I felt obligated to go around and test all these new restaurants. Summer, and absolute lack of desire to stand More...

by Heather Janel | Published 4 years ago
By Peter Güttinger On Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Aslan Döner Schwabach

Wir zitieren hier den Bericht von dr.escher, Autor auf Den vollen Artikel dazu könnt ihr hier nachlesen. Aslan Döner Schwabach – eine Perle unter Säuen Veröffentlicht: von dr.escher at 12.07.2007  More...

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